I Only Have 10 Minutes.

When there are too many exciting things going on in one’s life, one prioritizes. This one has been enjoying her life and friends and has put her blog on the back burner. But she has missed writing. So while she has 10 minutes to herself… You get Summer Highlights.

  1. Lil’ bro graduated high school! And then we ate tacos. And it was great. Congrats lil’ bro!


  • 2. I’m going to Texas!! This would not normally be exciting. And I’m not actually excited about the actual location, but I AM excited for the reason that I’m going to Texas. And that reason is my dear friend Alex! Aussie-girl Alex was diagnosed with a horrible chronic illness this past winter. The only clinic that is making progress is treating this illness is located in Texas. Alex and her family have been raising money to get Alex from The Land Down Under to the Lone Star State and they’re close to their goal! Her trip is booked and Texas is a lot closer to Oregon than Australia, so I’m OVER THE MOON to buy plane tickets to Texas. Being in Texas means Alex is going to get the treatment that she needs to live her life vibrantly, like she deserves to do. You can donate here:  Alex-girl, let’s meet up in Texas!!!




3. Two of my favorites GOT ENGAGED a couple of weeks ago and I knew it was coming and I was so excited I almost couldn’t keep it together. I was nearly jumping up and down for about three days before the question was even popped. CONGRATS, Savannah and Brandon! 

IMG_1233 IMG_1234

4. Finally, this weekend is the Wedding Celebration Extravaganza of my bestie/roommate/cousin Kira and her beloved, Trevor.


I’ve been with these two since the first day of their romance, and I even advised Kira that Trevor wouldn’t be my first choice for a date… Sorry Trev! In the years since, I’ve seen these crazies grow together and learn how to love each other and trust each other and become best friends. Thank you BOTH for letting me be your third wheel at WWU senior year. I’m over the moon excited for these two and their love and their future together.


A somber note: My Big Lake family lost a vibrant member a almost two weeks ago. He was funny and frustrating and creative and wild. This shocking loss reminded me of how much I love each member of this family. When a small-ish group of Big Lake staff got together to grieve and mostly laugh, it was the most healing time and I realized just how completely special my family is. So thank you to all my BLYC Family members. You mean the world to me.

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