Busy with the Good Stuff

I’ve been AWOL from the blog lately… but guys, I’ve been busy! Last time I posted, I made a public promise to myself that I would fill my year with things that filled my heart. So far so good!! Let me fill you in on my life for a minute:


The day before Valentine’s Day my very best friend successfully executed the biggest surprise of my life, and I got some new bling! We’re getting married!

From what I’ve heard, The Plan involved a web of lies and secrecy, family and friends in four different states, and the most helpful front-desk staff in the world. The day also involved an accidental slo-mo video showcasing my family’s genetic inability to handle cameras of any kind, all the happy tears, and of course, coffee and dessert. 

IMG_3011This is all the mushy-gushy photographic evidence we have of the event because of the previously mentioned genetic disposition to poor photography skills. 

IMG_2983 Two of the Secret Keepers from two of the four states who almost kept blowing the secret.

The Planning Stage immediately commenced, and apparently wedding planning involves lots of decision-making. I find decision-making to be a challenge. To be honest, the wedding decisions we’re most excited about are the ones that involve food. We’re both really into food.  Oh, and there’s that whole “being together forever” thing. We’re pretty excited about that, too. 


I’ve been volunteering my time (as promised in my Happiness Plan) with Girls on The Run, an organization that truly fills my heart with all of the joy. Girls on The Run is an empowerment program that focuses on building the confidence of girls when they are in 3rd-5th grade before they reach middle school, when life is just plain hard. (Middle school brought only the most awkward of times, am I right?!) The girls learn crazy-good lessons about how to express themselves, how to stand up for others, and why it’s so important for them to be their true selves. During our 10 weeks together, they also train to finish a 5k, which is something that most of them don’t think they can do. 3.1 miles is an extra-long way when you have tiny 3rd grader legs. It’s been three weeks and I’ve already seen them be so confident and PROUD of themselves (insert warm-fuzzies here). 

I get to be a co-coach for a team of nine girls. Twice a week they fill up my heart and I honestly wish I could hang out with them Every. Single. Day. We get to be silly and healthy and strong together. This organization and these girls and my co-coaches Rock. My. World. like nothing else. 

Now’s the part when you think about how you wish you could be having fun too, and I say “But you totes can, girlfriend!”

GOTR needs these cool people called Running Buddies. Our girls each need a buddy to walk, skip and run with them during our practice 5k and the final 5k. We need women who can literally put one foot in front of the other. You don’t have to be a runner – most of our girls aren’t! We need encouragers and forward-motion-movers. 

I know you’re interested, so I’ll just leave this little link here so you can sign up super easily: I wanna be a Running Buddy and have fun too! Oh, Girls on the Run is in most major cities, so no lame-o excuses!


But really. You’re gonna have fun. My girls call me Coach Cupcake… How could this NOT be fun?!?

Let’s keep filling our hearts. Here’s to fun and best friends and cupcakes! 


Most Adult thing I did today: WEDDING PLANS!!

Least Adult thing I did today: Cheered and danced super enthusiastically about Bazooka Bubblegum. It’s a GOTR thing. It’s fun. 


2 thoughts on “Busy with the Good Stuff

  1. Travis

    I’m super stoked for you and Dane, and I hope you guys never get stressed over wedding planning—I mean, what’s so stressful about it?
    P.S. If dancing was the least adult thing you did yesterday, you must have had a fairly adult-y day.
    P.P.S. Dancing should be in the plans for your wedding.


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