Here’s the Plan

We’re a week into the new year, and yesterday I wrote “2015” on a form because I’m still confused. I’ve always liked New Year’s Eve. I’ve always liked the sparkle, the lights, the celebration of hope, and the idea of making goals to improve in some way. 

I spent the last night of 2015 with a few of my very favorite people in the whole world. We got dressed up, we ate pasta, we played games, we laughed enough to constitute an ab workout. And then we slept. And in the morning, we drank coffee and watched Star Wars. It was probably the best way I could imagine to start this year.

There was no dance floor at our party. No DJ, no cover fee, no 2016 glasses or headbands. We had it better than that. My heart was full.


This photo showcases both our inability to capture a decent picture on NYE 2015 and also our very full and happy hearts. 

 I have boatloads of happiness heading into 2016. I am busting with happiness and pride for friends who are growing in new jobs, who are planning weddings and choosing to love someone forever, who are unapologetically living the lives they want. I have happiness for the life I am living, for the potential of what I can accomplish in a year. 

Along with all this mushy-gushy happiness, I have a plan. I plan to give my time and energy to things that fill my heart. 

That’s what I’ve resolved to do this year: Give myself to the people and things that fill my heart. I will give my time to my friends, because the conversation and company fill my heart with love and joy. I will give myself time to work out, because that fills my heart with confidence and pride. I plan to give my time to volunteering for an organization that fills my heart to the brim. More on that to come! And sometimes, I will say “No, I’m done for today” when my heart needs quiet time. 

I have happiness and I have a plan. 

And I will write about all of it, because writing helps me express my happiness (and my sarcasm) and my mushy-gushy full-heart stuff. So THANK YOU, to you people who actually read what I write. I hope that what I write this year will bring you entertainment, and maybe, occasionally, something more. 

So after all that… Happy New Year, my friends! Let’s dedicate this year to things that fill our hearts. 


Most Adult thing I did today: Made one tiny little payment on my student loans.

Least Adult thing I did today: Went shopping instead of cleaning my room.

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