Falling for Football

Fall is my favorite time of year. For a while, I thought Spring was my favorite, but then I realized that getting dressed in the Spring is so hard for me – I want to wear my bright sundresses and summery tops, but it’s not actually warm and I freeze, and then I’m bummed when I have to keep wearing my wintery clothes. But in the Fall, Winter Is Coming, so it’s more acceptable to jump on the Boots and Scarves Train a little early.

I love Fall for other reasons, too – the bright, crunchy leaves, hot drinks in the afternoon, snuggling up in a pile of blankets to read when it’s raining outside… but most of all, Fall is Football Season.

Football rules my life for five full months of every year. I love the energy of football fans at a stadium, the sound of shoulder pads crashing into each other, a victorious Hail Mary throw and the resulting touchdown. I CARE about Football. Almost everyone I know who even kind-of cares about sports has a favorite Football team, whether it’s a pro team or a college team. Lots of people CARE about Football.

I CARE about Football so much that I spend my Sundays yelling at my TV, begging the coaches to hear my pleas and make the calls that I so desperately know are going to win the game. When a receiver misses the ball, I yell. When the defense makes a sack, I yell. When the quarterback passes to the receiver and scores, I yell. And I fist-pump a couple of times. And sometimes I jump up and down.

In case you needed proof, these photos show my pure excitement about being at my first NFL and college football games:

     IMG_0352              IMG_2287

This season, the NFL is projected to bring in over $9 billion in revenue from merchandise, tickets, advertising, and stadium fees. In the 2014 season, the NFL split $7.24 billion of revenue between the 32 teams in the league. Each team received $226.4 million dollars. As a recent college grad, I can’t really wrap my head around having more than a few hundred dollars at a time, much less an easy few BILLION. SBNation.com made these numbers a little more understandable for me, if not relatable. 

With $7.4 billion dollars, you could:

  • make more than every Steven Spielberg movie, ever, at the box office (Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park(s) and World, E.T., Jaws, Indiana Jones… actually, it’s easier to just give you a link to his filmography: Steven Spielberg’s Long List of Accomplishments )
  • buy FOUR space shuttles (NASA, time to make a deal!)
  • buy 5 million lattes everyday for a year (Hey, Starbucks!)
  • run 10 Pluto missions, with enough cash left over to pay Peyton Manning to run them (although, it seems safer for Peyton to stick to his day-job and let a rocket scientist run those missions.)

So what if we CARED THIS MUCH about something else? Like education. Or homeless shelters. Or feeding people in developing nations.

This year’s projected NFL revenue of $9 billion is enough to:

  • educate 725,748 students for a year in public elementary and secondary education system in the U.S.
  • sponsor 25 million children through World Vision
  • purchase 150 million pairs of TOMS, in turn providing 150 million pairs of shoes to people in need

I’m not saying we shouldn’t care about Football. Or lattes or Pluto missions. I care about each of those things, in that order. But we should also care about providing basic nessecities to children, right? Food for thought.

Most Adult thing I did today: went to the gym so I can be healthy and stuff.

Least Adult thing I did today: asked my mom to drive me to and from work.

*Disclaimer: I did some math for this post. I’m pretty sure it’s right, but I have 99 problems and math is one of them. 

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