What Would Lorelei Do?

The illustrious Gilmore Girls waltzed into my life, coffee mugs and take-out from Al’s Pancake World in hand, in my awkward middle school years. The vibrant characters, witty dialogue, unbelievable coffee consumption and deep mother-daughter love sucked me into the show, and a fanatical fan was born.

At first I felt a strong connection with Rory. She’s the studious goody-goody who has a dorky haircut and oversized sweaters, an intense love for books and coffee, and her mom is her bff.

I watched reruns on TV throughout high school and relived my favorite moments as Rory made her way through Chilton and Yale and three boyfriends, navigating life with crazy frenemy Paris and bffs Lane and Lorelei. As the series ended in 2007, I graduated eighth grade and cried as a I watched Rory start her new life and leave Lorelei to be Happily Ever After with Luke, her lobster*.

And then Netflix brought GG back into our lives, and the Internet responded with the excitement and fanfare that generally accompanies a Super Bowl halftime show. My roommate and I, along with seemingly every female Millennial blogger, binged on GG when we should have been studying for midterms. (Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t have studied anyway.) It was at this point that I started feeling more connected to Lorelei Gilmore than I did to her daughter. I still had a lot of things in common with Rory: I worked for my college newspaper, I wasn’t interested in the party-scene, I love a good book, and I couldn’t decide whether I wanted bangs or not**.

But I wanted to BE Lorelei. I wanted to BE the fun, strong, sassy, witty, hot woman who Lorelei never failed be. As I have adopted more and more adult responsibilities, I have looked for wisdom and found Lorelei Gilmore. What a crazy-cool adult. It’s OK to be an adult and still love good music. It’s OK to be an adult and eat too much junk food. It’s OK to be an adult and make mistakes – and have to deal with the consequences. It’s OK to love your family and make choices for yourself.

So this is my blog about #adulting. It’s a brand new world for me. And there’s a lot that’s a bummer about being an adult: job searching, paying back student loans… ok most of the bummer parts of adulting revolve around money. But there are some pretty cool parts about #adulting: deciding where you want to live and work, traveling with friends, getting into concerts at any venue, choosing your own groceries…. I could go on.

Join me on this adventure. I’ll let you know if/when I figure out how to effectively #adult.

*”Friends” reference. Look it up.

**See season 6.

Most Adult thing I did today: job interview

Least Adult thing I did today: stuffed handfuls of Goldfish crackers into my mouth in the middle of a major airport

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